150 – 200 Pound Bluefin on Poppers and Kites

Guys are still reporting bluefin schools that have 150 to 200 pound bluefin mixed in. They’re also seeing schools of yellowfin in the 50 to 60 pound range in the same area. One of the keys to finding these fish are paying attention to the  terns working in an area. Seems like the larger bluefin were down off the 302-425 spots headed north to the US / Mexico border. The guys who are having the most success are throwing poppers on foamers and using live mackerel on kites.


Big Bluefin On Poppers

Big bluefin have been up and guys have had lots of success on poppers between the 43, the corner and the kidney bank!


Yellowtail to 20 Pounds

Yellowtail to 20 pounds are holding at patties sporadically up and down the coast. Sure, you can invest in a trip to the backside of Catalina or off Pyramid Cove, which has also been holding nice quality fish, but you may have just as much success if you can find patties two to 10 mile offshore, especially ones that have got the tern’s interest