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Local Broadbill On The Bite

This year has been off the hook for swordfish.. some of the biggest numbers caught since the Zane Grey days. Guys are getting them on the deep drop & baiting them up on the surface. A couple of … read more


221lb Local Cow Caught

On Tuesday (10-22-19) an angler was called in from a buddy on a hot bite.. he set up a drift and hooked up on a nice cow with a 40 minute fight.. after the battle, they brought it into the IGFA scale … [Read More...]



So the first wahoo are starting to be caught in our local waters. A Marauder (or similar style bait) seems to be a part of every sportboat’s spread while trolling the tuna grounds. A few boats are … read more

Understanding Multi-day Bag Limits

Did you know that if you plan an offshore fishing trip lasting more than one consecutive calendar day, and intend to keep bag limits for multiple days, you must file a multi-day fishing trip … read more

Finding & Patterning Coastal Yellowtail

Whether you credit El Niño, blame it on Alaskan high pressure ridging, or think that it’s a byproduct of the warm water blob that’s been lurking in the northeastern Pacific the past couple years, one … read more


A Boys’ Trip to Sitka

Sitka has been a destination that holds a special place in my heart since the first moment I laid eyes on it. I can remember my first landing at the airport, where the Pacific Ocean engulfs both sides of the landing strip. Of course, the fact that it has some of the world’s best salmon […]

Dream Trip Aboard the Intrepid

A possible to top the fishability, crew, sea worthiness and meals of that served up aboard the 116-foot Intrepid. Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine was invited to spend eight days this past summer aboard the Intrepid with the opportunity to fish a number of hot spots along Baja’s majestic coastline. With Mexican limits of yellowtail and […]


Bertram 35 A storied design reaches new heights

It was July 16, 1958, when Richard Bertram laid his eyes on the first Ray Hunt designed hull. It was Ray’s prototype 23–foot deep vee. It was cutting through the six–foot seas at 30 knots with ease. It handled the seas like no other hull Bertram had witnessed and he knew this design would change […]

Interview with Daniel Spencer on the new 62′

The Miami Boat Show is the best in the world. There are literally miles of the finest sportfishing machines ever built. Imagine a row of 50 yachts all lined up–boats that just scream blue marlin fishing! Then cross over to the next dock and see another row of 50 in the same class or even […]

Black Box Style Electronics

Black box boat electronics give you big-boat electronics with a small-boat footprint. You would need a helm station several feet across to fit all the stand-alone units that one small black box system can put on the helm station of a small fishing boat with maybe as little as 1.5 feet of space. There is […]