California Spiny Lobster Season Starts

Make sure you pick up your lobster report card for 2018-2019! California’s spiny lobster, which opens Saturday, Sept. 29 and continues through March 20, 2019. Send us your reports, thanks!


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Local Marlin Bite Goes Off

There have been a lot of local marlin released over the weekend during the local Pesky tournament. Some of the hot spots that were holding a good body of fish have been the 14 mile bank, Avalon bank, 277, the oil rigs, and the slide off of Catalina. Keep sending in your reports, and luck!

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The Marlin Are Biting

A great report came in on Sunday.. 3 marlin released off the East end of Catalina along the slide off a temp break at slack tide.. all were jig fish!
Also, there have been several kelp holding dorado & yellows when running across the channel. It’s a good start, but not quite full speed yet. Keep sending us those reports!


Limits of Sand Bass & Barracuda !!!

Horseshoe Kelp just switched on over the weekend! We’ve been getting daily reports of limits on the sand bass and cudas. The bass are eating everything you send down from plastics, iron, fin bait to frozen squid on a light lead head set up. The stove pipes are up to 7-8lbs and have been in haling the Yo-Zuri deep divers, fin bait, and the guys who are fishing the iron, it’s pretty much wide open! Pay attention to the bird schools to get an idea where the cudas are feeding. Horseshoe Kelp- 33D 40.07’N. x 118D 12.15’W


There’s a Hot Yellowtail Bite Going On!

San Clemente Island has been the hot ticket lately for the yellows.. they’re ranging from 10 to 35 lbs. Guys are catching them mostly on fin bait, but they’re also chewing the surface iron. Keep sending in your reports!


Bluefin Caught in US Waters

Reports are coming in that bluefin have reappeared in Southern California waters. A couple of sportboat got limits on Tuesday with 44, and averaging 60 lbs. Half were caught on the flat fall jig, and the half on live bait. Another 28 were caught on Monday aboard a 1.5 day trip. Things are shaping up!


Bluefin still stacked up on the 60 Mile Bank!

The bluefin bite hasn’t stopped yet.. they’re not the giants, but ranging anywhere from 10 to 30lbs. The go to set-up has been a 25 to 30lb rig, but when it starts slowing down, try dropping down to a 15 or 20lb fluoro top shot and a smaller hook, such as: #2 & #4. Fish hard when they start to bite.. because the bite usually ends before noon. Keep sending in those reports, thanks!



Yellowfin Off Pyramid Cove

A great report came in yesterday evening.. a grip of yellowfin were caught a few miles off of Pyramid Cove. Also, the bluefin are still stacked up out on Desperation reef. The season isn’t over!


Great Fall Marlin Fishing

Reports are coming in over the past week of marlin stacked up on the Osborn Bank. Guys are releasing double and triple hook ups. It’s about as good as it gets so late in the year.


Limits of Yellowfin

There is a good size school of yellowfin around the 226, 302 & 371 area. They are the schoolie kind, not much in size, but  lot of fun on little line. Guys are reporting finding them by watching for bird schools, and blind jig stops. When you get hooked up, don’t forget to keep chumming with chunk and brailing bait to keep them around the boat. The water temp has been 72-73 degree. Good luck, and keep sending in your reports, thanks.


Dancing Dorado Showing Up On The Kelps

We’ve been getting reports over the weekend of guys catching dorado off the kelps.. Capt Rob on the Rusty Hook, reported a nice size paddy a few miles off  Newport holding a big number of dorado. Rob and his son Bima bagged 5 up to 13lbs, all on sardine.. they were using 40# mono & 25# fluoro.


Big Bluefin Eating the Kite & Poppers

The reports over the weekend from guys with the most success on bigger grade bluefin were on the kite & yummer flyer.. also the popper was working well. The best action has been around the 302 with a nice volume of fish over the 100 to 200 mark. It’s important to pay close attention to the slack tides. This is when you have your best shot at the bigger grade of fish, especially when they’re up foaming! Keep sending us your reports and good luck.



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