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Dial up the action, turn up the commotion…..

Every few years a new technique comes along that changes the way we fish on the West Coast. Interestingly however, many of these “new” technique are really not new. They have been fished all over the world for years, but we, at times, have been slow to adopt them. While some of our angling cadre […]

Small Boat, Long Runs By Erik Landesfeind

Over the weekend, my boat partner, Matt Kotch and I were returning to Newport Beach after an unsuccessful check for bluefin tuna around the 43-fathom spot. During the run, we passed the time talking about just how much smaller the ocean had become over the last 15 years. When we bought our first boat, a […]

A Boys’ Trip to Sitka

Sitka has been a destination that holds a special place in my heart since the first moment I laid eyes on it. I can remember my first landing at the airport, where the Pacific Ocean engulfs both sides of the landing strip. Of course, the fact that it has some of the world’s best salmon […]


Tuna Can by ACI Boats

A Navy flattop bristling with fighter jets glided into San Diego Bay on a rare early spring morning when the sun was bright, offshore winds pushing the last of the fog offshore to bedevil the bluefin fleet. A perfect day for a boat ride, and what a boat! It was easy to pick out the […]

Black Box Style Electronics

Black box boat electronics give you big-boat electronics with a small-boat footprint. You would need a helm station several feet across to fit all the stand-alone units that one small black box system can put on the helm station of a small fishing boat with maybe as little as 1.5 feet of space. There is […]

Towers and Rocket Launchers

Part of the joy and part of the pain of outfitting a new boat is figuring out how to best organize everything you’re going to need to navigate, communicate, find fish, operate the fishing gear, handle fish, process and store fish as well as stow food, drinks, jackets, tackle boxes and lots of other stuff. […]