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May 31
Breaking News / Reports

6:21 PM Breaking News / Reports: They've been crushing the yellowtail the last couple of days over at SCI on the iron on both the west and east ends of the island. The wind has been up so pay attention to the weather reports!

5:43 PM Breaking News / Reports: A report came in about a coho salmon caught out of Dana Point on Friday. This year is starting off to be every interesting!

5:34 PM Breaking News / Reports: The bluefin bite is still down at the 60 mile bank. The schools averaging 15 to 25lbs and the majority of the tuna have been caught on light fluoro 15# and live bait.

Site Admin Bill DePriest-Editor/Publisher
January 12

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Site Admin Alan's Workbench
October 18
Screaming Reels!
Question:  The problem I have at the moment is driving me crazy!  I am having a bit of bother with one of my Penn 525 mags. It's the original one that I have had for a good few years but has been well looked after and serviced by myself.  Basically the last 2 trips out it has started screaming intermittantly through the cast! Some casts not at all and other casts it will start halfway through as it starts to drop out of the sky.  It's sounded like the ratchet vibrating on or engaging.  At first as when I fiddled with the ratchet button mid cast it would stop the screaming. Problem solved I thought !  I sanded the ratchet pawl down to nothing so that it cannot engage but next trip out exactly the same.  I am using braid on this reel and I know It does not come off as smooth as mono so this may well be making things worse ? However I used it all last year with no bother at all with the same line so it's not the only cause.  Bearings are fine and everything else looks to be Ok so what could it be? It can't be anything bad like a bent spindle or else it would do it all of the time.  Could the bearing inners be turning on the spindle maybe?  Could it be the nylon bearing retaining clip/ratchet cog catching on something?
Regulator 28: A Great Sportfishing Heritage
July 2:

I have always been a huge fan of the custom-built, East Coast boats. The Carolina flair and classic lines of a Merritt, Rybovich and Buddy Davis are the “Holy Grail” of sportfishing boats in my book. When I got my first look at the Regulator 28 idling down Newport Harbor—from its proud North Carolina design and that pair of twin Yamaha Outboard F300C 4-stroke engines on her stern—I knew this sea-trial assignment was going to be like no other before it.

Prince Edward Island: Home of the Real Giants by Bill DePriest
October 15:

When we think of bluefin tuna out here on the West Coast we often think of nice 30 to 40-pounders with the occasional 100-pounder and that’s a nice fish--don’t get me wrong. When the guys on Prince Edward Island think of a nice Bluefin, they are thinking something in the 900 to 1000-pound range.

When my thoughts turn to those giants I have semi-fond memories of my trips to Morehead, North Carolina. Then the weather was extremely rough, blowing 25-30 knots daily, 15-foot plus seas and on some days the guys even shoveling snow out of the cockpit in the morning. I can remember a chill in my body that wouldn’t leave even after getting in my hotel room. Our last trip to North Carolina for giants was in 2008 there weren’t many fish caught and they typically averaged around 400 pounds. We thought we were chasing giants--until we heard about Prince Edward Islands giant bluefin.

I had heard the rumors of this fishery for years, “The land of the giants,” they would say. But with two new kids I just could not get up there. This September, though, I finally got my shot!


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